Food Pantry Needs — January 2022

As we begin a new year we want to continue our food ministry to our community.  Below is a list of items that are needed for our Food Pantry this month.  Please remember, if you give an offering for the Food Pantry, please designate the gift “Food Pantry.”  The money will be used to shop for items that are needed.  Also, remember that we do not distribute out-of-date food items.  Please check the expiration dates of food you share.

Canned Goods:




Mixed Vegetables

Ranch Style or Pork N Beans

Sloppy Joe

Chili with Beans

Chili without Beans


Tomatoes — diced or sauce

Mixed Fruit

Other Items:

Pinto Beans #2 Bag


Assorted Flavored Oatmeal/Grits – box of 10-12


Boxed Mac & Cheese

Hamburger Helper

Sugar — small bag

Flour — small bag

Pancake Mix — complete

Syrup — small bottle

Thanks to all who help with this vital ministry and all who contribute to this ministry.  We are making a difference in our community by meeting these food insufficiency needs.


Joe Bailey