COVID-19 UPDATE — MARCH 14, 2020

Dear Church Family,

Saturday morning our deacon body discussed by phone whether or not we should meet in person tomorrow, and while we were unanimous in our desire to meet as usual, in response to growing concerns about the coronavirus, our deacons determined that out of deep love and care for our church family and community, it is best that we do not meet in person tomorrow, March 15.  As of today, all church services for Speegleville Baptist Church will be canceled for tomorrow, March 15, and for Wednesday nights through March 25. 

We want you to know that this is not the choice that any of us wanted to make, and we did not make it lightly. We strongly value the Speegleville Baptist Church family gathering together for worship each week, and right now we need each other more than ever. However, we also know that many in our church family meet the age and/or health limitations that the CDC is recommending not to participate in public gatherings, and if we personally do not fall in those categories, we all care deeply about the ones who do.  We ultimately made a decision that best embodies loving our neighbor as ourselves. We are currently looking at meaningful ways for us to be the family of God for one another, even when we can’t all be in the same space.

Many of you are asking the question: What can I do now? How can we continue to be God’s church in the weeks ahead? That is a great question, and here are some things we can do.  

  1. Check on people in Speegleville Baptist Church as well as your family, neighbors, and friends – Our deacons will meet later this week to reevaluate our plans for the rest of the month, but, as always, your deacons and I are concerned about you and available to you. You also might want to call someone, particularly people you know who may be lonely or afraid.
  2. Trust God. Many of us find ourselves anxious right now, and understandably so. Let’s breathe deeply, trusting in the peace that passes understanding, the peace that God gives, even in these difficult moments.
  3. Continue to give. Speegleville’s ministry and financial needs will continue, and we need your faithful giving so that we can continue to live out our ministry and mission. You can mail your offerings to the church (469 Speegle Road, Waco, TX. 76712).  As another option, you can also give online by going to our church web-page ( to make an online donation (

We will continue to provide regular communication through emails, on the Speegleville Baptist Church webpage,  and through our Deacon Family Ministry.  This morning Angela and I decided to return early from our visit with her mother to be nearer our church family, so we are currently on the road and and will be for the next several (many!) hours and would appreciate your prayers. My dear Speegleville family, may we continue trusting in God, knowing He will lead us forward one day at a time.


Joe Bailey