Student Report


 What an incredible start to the new year it has been so far in 2019! Our youth ministry has already had the opportunity to go on our first retreat, and we had an absolute blast learning about how we can be a witness for God’s kingdom. We learned that all of humanity was made by God and that we were made special, that God deemed us all very good. We then looked at how our guilt and our decision to choose the world instead of God separated our relationship with God, but ultimately by the goodness of grace through the coming of our Lord Jesus, we have the opportunity to be with God forever. Because of this life-changing grace, we live lives filled with gratitude to God for saving us and share that by being faithful witnesses in this world. The 4G Gospel — Good-Guilt-Grace-Gratitude. On behalf of the youth ministry let me once again say thank you for your prayers as we were on this trip, and let me continually ask that you pray not only for our students but all youth and children in Waco, that the next generation may come to know the goodness of God.

Jordan Humler