Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!  It is November and a very busy season is starting.  Along with cooler weather, this time of the year brings crowded calendars and many activities.  That busy season is no different at Speegleville Baptist Church.

I hope you will take note of the many activities that will be happening during November.  Thanks to all who work so hard to make sure all these events take place.

As we enter this thanksgiving season, I encourage you to take time and list the many blessings you have. How thankful I am for a loving church.  Let this thanksgiving season be a time of renewed commitment to Christ and to Speegleville Baptist Church.  While it is true that you can worship and serve God on your own, the Bible does teach the importance of worshipping together.  It is together that we can better serve the Lord, serve one another, and worship the one, true, living God.  Church is the best place to come to learn about God’s plan for each of our lives.

I look forward to seeing each of you in church during November as we join together to:  Worship God, Share Christ, and Build Believers.

Your Pastor,

Joe Bailey